Inside Our Proven Process: Your In-Home Consultation

Have you ever bought a new rug or a piece of furniture and then gotten it home and realized it wasn’t love? Somehow that rug that you completely fell in love with at the store looks different in your living room—you can see right away that it’s too blah and the pattern fights with your sofa, so back to the store it goes. Furniture shopping would be so much simpler if we could somehow just magically transport the pieces into our homes before we buy them.

Well, at Cabinet Boutique we can’t magically transport the cabinets into your kitchen, but we’ve built our Proven Process to be the next best thing. We start by inviting you to a complimentary meeting in our fully decked out showroom where we talk about all of the things—your vision, your likes, your dislikes, your design aesthetic, and your space.

But talking can only take us so far, which is why the next step in our Proven Process is your in-home consultation. That’s right. We’re coming to you. We’re bringing our tape measures and our stain swatches and we’re going to sit in your kitchen space to see just exactly what kind of natural light you have and how warm your kitchen flooring really is. In our experience, there is simply no substitute for spending time in the space. So that’s just what we do.

Getting the Feel of Things

Before you get nervous and worry about how messy or cluttered your kitchen might look, take a deep breath. We’re not organizers, and we’re not coming to criticize your spice drawer chaos or give you feng shui tips. We are coming solely to, well, hang out. To sit in the space you want to redesign and talk through the rough plan we came up with when you visited our showroom.

The in-home consultation is a vital part of our process, because there’s no way to recreate the experience of physically being in the space. Sure, we’ll confirm our measurements and all of those details when we’re there. But really, we’re coming to get a feel for your home. To see if the lighting and the rest of your home’s décor will play nicely with the beautiful kitchen or bathroom we’ve designed.

While we’re there, we’ll also sit down with you go over the ideas we talked about during your showroom visit. Many times, clients realize that that beautiful deep navy cabinet door that seemed way too dark in the showroom actually looks beautiful in the natural light of their space. We’ll talk through all of the plans and ideas and make sure we feel ready to move on to the next step, which is drawing up plans.

Working with a builder?

Great! We are happy to partner with your builder to help you design your dream space. We can work directly with them to get measurements and details about the space, looping you in when it’s time to pick finishes and colors. We’ve had some amazing partnerships with builders, and we love working alongside other professionals to make your dream kitchen or bathroom come to life. We’ll stay in touch with your contractor from start to finish, even coordinating delivery of the cabinets once they are ready.

Back to the Drawing Board

After we’ve spent a bit of time in your space and confirmed our measurements in person, we’ll head back to the studio and really dig into the design. Check out the final steps and learn more about how we wrap it all up in next month’s blog post!