3 Ways to Elevate Your Kitchen Remodel

When people come to the showroom to talk with us about re-envisioning a space in their home, it’s almost always the kitchen. And we totally get it—the kitchen is truly the heart of a home, the place where people gather and all of the important stuff happens. So, if that space needs a refresh, it’s a smart investment to focus your remodeling budget where you spend the most time.

But beyond upgrading cabinets and hardware, you may feel a little bit lost. We create custom kitchens almost every day, and here are three of our favorite ways to elevate your kitchen remodel and get the most bang for your remodeling bucks.

Custom Drawers

Customized drawer inserts are an easy way to add big functionality to your drawers. Depending on your preferences, we usually recommend tiered spice racks, cutlery dividers, and our favorite: peg boards.

  • Cutlery dividers are a simple upgrade to add to your new kitchen. They feel like a big upgrade from cheapie dividers, because they fit perfectly into your drawers and match the interior of your cabinets.
  • A tiered spice rack is a perfect upgrade if you cook with spices often. It’s almost impossible to have enough room to keep spices organized, so this is a great add-on if you are organized enough to find homes for everything.
  • Peg boards are our favorite drawer upgrade because they just give you so many options. This is an especially useful option if you have limited wall cabinet space and need extra places to store plates, bowls, pots and pans. The peg boards are adjustable so the system is truly custom fit for your space, and if your storage needs changes, the peg board configuration can change to meet your needs.

A Pop of Color

Many of our clients love the idea of adding color somewhere but they feel nervous about committing to it all over their space, so we often recommend pops of color in an island. A different-colored island elevates the space and makes their cabinetry stand out. A lot of times, people are torn between two cabinet colors, so choosing one for your cabinets and one for your island is the best of both worlds! We are seeing a lot of blacks and blues right now for extra contrast against white or neutral cabinets.

Dramatic Pieces

If you are working with a good trim carpenter, that person can probably build you just about anything your heart desires for your kitchen. But we still encourage our clients to order what we call “wow factor” pieces directly through the cabinet lines because we know they can’t be easily replicated. Curved hoods are a great example. We feature a curved hood in our showroom and customers always fall in love with the look of it. Most trim carpenters can’t manipulate wood into that kind of curved shape because they don’t have the tools needed to warp wood. But our cabinet manufacturers do!

If your kitchen remodel spills over into your master or adjacent bath, you might consider a custom furniture piece vanity. If you’re trying to match colors to ensure continuity throughout your house, it just makes sense to order it through the cabinet line.

If you’re looking for ways to take your kitchen remodel to the next level, contact us to set up a complementary consultation.

We would love to chat about how we can help you bring your vision to life, including some fun upgrades that make your kitchen custom designed for you.

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