The Showroom Experience

Cabinet Boutique isn’t just a catchy name—it is truly the heartbeat of our business model. We know that cabinets are available in many places, but we provide a boutique experience that is truly personalized. From the moment you walk into our showroom, you will feel the Cabinet Boutique difference.

We are so passionate about cabinets and countertops, and we love sharing our passion and knowledge with our clients. We also totally understand that kitchen remodels are a big undertaking, so we want to do everything we can to help make this process as painless (and even fun!) as possible for our clients. Every space our in our showroom was thoughtfully designed with our clients in mind—and you’ll see why the first time you stop by.

When you first walk into our showroom, you will immediately notice the kitchens—five of them, to be exact! You read that right—we have five unique, full-sized kitchens for you to walk through. Each kitchen has custom cabinets, beautiful hardware, unique countertops, and at least one appliance. We work with these materials every day so we’re used to them, but we know you’re new to all of this, and there’s just something about being able to see and touch the pieces in real life.

At your initial consultation, we will walk through each space to learn more about you and your design vision. Many times, clients will gravitate to a specific display or layout. If you keep going to back to the white kitchen with the lovely wood island (our clients’ fave), we can find creative ways to incorporate that vibe or color scheme in your custom design. Walking from kitchen to kitchen is also an excellent way to rule things out. Even if you can’t quite articulate what you want, most people can figure out what they don’t want.

We also encourage you to bring anything that inspires you to that first consultation—photos, magazine pictures, Pinterest boards, color swatches. All of these details help to inform our design process, and the more we hear from you, the better chance we have of creating something that resonates with you and your vision for the space. You are also welcome to bring any countertop, backsplash, paint, and flooring samples with you, and we’re happy to lay everything out and create a “moodboard” to see how everything will play together. We know you want a cohesive, coordinated look and we also know how hard that is to achieve when you’re working with different vendors. We love being the “design center” for our clients and helping them find a way to bring things together to match their vision.

After we get our steps in touring the showroom, we’ll sit down and talk about your budget. Not sure what your budget is? Not a problem. At this point, we’re not really talking numbers anyway. We’re talking more about the level of customization. We do it all—from super simple to super custom. If you know right out of the gate that you want all the cool drawer inserts and dividers on the nicest possible cabinets, we’ll steer you toward that line. If you are thinking something less involved with maybe a few little upgrades, we can spend our time exploring our mid-range lines.

You’ll leave our showroom with lots of ideas, plus actual samples showing paint color or stain on each wood species, so that you can think about your cabinets alongside your finishes at home. From there, the next step is an in-home consultation. We’ll cover that in a future blog post!